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Corsair 540 Watercooled SB-E Build - Seb

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  • Corsair 540 Watercooled SB-E Build - Seb

    This needs its own thread I think. I'm going to do it correctly - this means lots of pictures! It would end up crowding the old thread.

    The hardware will be pretty much smack on with what I currently have:

    HAF X
    i7 3930K
    X79 - UD5
    16GB Corsair Vengeance
    SLI Titans
    750GB Samsung 840 EVO

    But - the HAF X is being dumped for a Corsair Carbide 540, the H100 and the GPU air coolers are being dumped too, in favour of a custom water loop.

    The new case and loop setup will most likely be re-used for my Haswell-E/Maxwell build next year if things go to plan.

    For the purposes of record keeping and to give others a rough idea of outlay, I'll keep on top of total costs (excluding delivery). Edited list as items are purchased:

    XSPC X20 pump/res combo £0 (Donated from Si on bit-tech)
    XSPC Raystorm £35
    8 x Corsair SP120 Performance Edition £96
    EK-FC Titan SE Acetal/Nickel x 2 £150 (Had to get two in the end, my original was a half length one)
    EK Water Blocks FC Titan SE Backplate x 2 £26
    3 x Phobya Molex to 6 fan header PCBs £15
    Hose Cutter £11
    Thermal Cleaner £4.50
    Thermal Paste £5.50
    PM Nuke PHN Concentrated Biocide £5
    Alphacool ST30 240 £40
    Alphacool ST30 360 £54
    Masterkleer 3/8" ID - 1/2" OD 3m £12
    EK-FC Terminal Triple Parallel £17
    EK-FC Terminal Blank £5
    Cable Ties! £2
    Feser compression fittings x 6 £23
    Feser 45 degree dual rotary compression fittings x 8 £40
    Alphacool T Piece £5
    Feser Aqua Bi-Distilled Water 2L £7.50
    XSPC White LEDs (Raystorm) £9
    Bitspower White valve £19
    BitFenix Alchemy 24pin ATX extension 30cm - White £9
    BitFenix Alchemy 8pin PCI-E extension 45cm - White x2 £14
    BitFenix Alchemy 6pin PCI-E extension 45cm - White x2 £13
    BitFenix Alchemy Internal Audio Extension Adaptor 30cm - White £4.50
    BitFenix Alchemy 2pin I/O extension 30cm - White x 3 £12

    Total so far: £636

    Hope I've remembered it all!
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    Fractal R4 (shhh!) 3570k, z77x-d3h, 16gb, R9-270X, 240gb SSD, 2tb mirror w/ 60gb cache drive


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      Originally posted by jointhedotz
      I admit it, it's so damn good! following Alan on the downs, just getting a feel


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        /also subbed.

        Originally posted by coiler
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        Originally posted by BigIan88
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        Originally posted by Salad Soup
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          subbing, like the 540 a lot so interested to see what you do with it
          Originally posted by {SAS}TB
          Also gives me the chance to probe around the wife's rear end


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            Am undecided on how I will do it. Will try and plan out how the tubing will run and from there decide what fittings I will need.


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              Originally posted by Aaron
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                XSPC 3mm white LEDS for the Raystorm(£9)

                Alphacool ST30 240
                Alphacool ST30 360
                EK-FC Titan SE Acetal/Nickel
                EK-FC Triple Bridge Parallel
                EK-FC Link BLANK
                Masterkleer 3/8" ID - 1/2" OD White Tubing
                Purchased new for £220

                Will wait until I get the parts in to decide on exactly how to route the cables and therefore what fittings I need.

                Total: £381


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                  Looks like its gonna be a beast mate!

                  Best Thermal Paste 2017 Comparison


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                    I hope so! Just had our friendly neighbourhood coiler on the phone and arranged purchase of the last Carbide 540 they have!

                    Early christmas present from the other half!


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                      Good luck with the build mate you'll find 360 in front will have inlet outlet ports at the bottom of case with top 240 occupied to prevent it blocking it

                      4770k @ 4.6, XSPC Raystorm, Avexir 4x4GB 2400MHz, ASUS Z87 Maximus Hero VI, Tri-fire 290x/290x/290 Reference EK 290X CSQ Full Nickel Blocks, Alphacool 240 ST-30, Alphacool 360 ST-30, Asus Xonar, Alphacool D5, Corsair AX 1200i, Carbide 540


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                        Should have most parts by Thursday! Whether the gf let's me have at the 540 before Christmas is another matter...


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                          These dang things, so expensive!

                          Placed an order for a Bitspower drain valve at £24 - wanted a good way of filling/draining the loop a little easier.

                          Also been checking out the build logs for the best routing for the hoses and have placed an order for the fittings (got a few spare too just in case) and some Feser aqua - £83

                          Total so far: £488


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                            Is that £500 just on the loop?

                            Freedom isn't free"


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                              Yep, blocks, hose, fittings, rads, fans and various bits I needed with it, some fan splitters etc. I'll note it down individually later!