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Sandy Bridge E Build - Seb

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  • Sandy Bridge E Build - Seb

    So I thought I should put this up here, just to give people a look into the new Sandy Bridge E system.

    Spec is currently as follows:

    Cooler Master HAF X (2x200m top, 1x200m side, 1x200m front, 1x140mm back)
    Corsair HX1050W
    Gigabyte X79-UD5
    Intel i7 3930K & Corsair H100 (Push/Pull with 4x bequiet Shadow Wings)
    4 x 4GB Corsair Vengeance 1866Mhz
    740GB Samsung EVO SSD
    500GB WD Caviar (For files that will move around a lot)
    1TB Seagate Barracuda - Backup
    ASUS GTX 670 DCU2 4GB
    2 x Sony DVDRW Drives (no need for bluray as I use the TV for that)
    3 x iiyama 24" (5760 x 1080)
    Razer Naga Epic
    Logitech G510
    Logitech X530 5.1 surround system
    Plantronics GAMECOM 777 Headset

    The Build

    So, the pics mostly speak for themselves in the build process:

    Original OCZ 750W PSU

    And then something broke, had a few issues, sent some bits back to Aria, but more of my gear was needed for testing as they couldn't pinpoint the problem, queue me getting in the car...

    Out it came

    Also had a change of heart, the OCZ was only a few weeks old, but decided if I was going SLI with the new cards next year as well, stepping up to this would be a better idea:

    Everything went back together ok (minus the Gigabyte 570) and in the meantime this arrived:

    Along with the BoogiebugXL 'Desk' pad! The other half is getting me the Logitech G510 for christmas.
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    Peak read @ 1010.58 MB/s, write @ 412.977 MB/s

    Damn windows score (My i7 920 @ 3.6Ghz scored 7.9 on CPU score!!)

    Stock benchmarks/tests
    i7 3930K @ 3.2Ghz (with Turbo enabled)
    GTX570 @ 776/2100

    Idle (Average 26 degrees - 18 ambient - delta 8)

    IntelBurn Test in 107.67secs (Average 45.3 degrees - 18 ambient - delta 27.3)

    GPU at idle (38 degrees - 18 ambient - delta 20)

    GPU at load (55 degrees - 18 ambient - delta 37)

    Boot Timer in 19.593 secs

    PCMark 22668

    X3 109.2fps

    I've not bothered with 3DMark yet as the GPU isn't the main focus of the build, but did a quick Unigine 38.9avg, min 21.6 on Extreme

    Overclocked benchmarks/tests
    i7 3930K @ 4.37Ghz & 1.3V
    GTX570 @ 835/2100 Stock Volts

    Idle (Average 35.6 degrees - 22 ambient - delta 13.6)

    IntelBurn Test in 58.42secs(Average 63.8 degrees - 22 ambient - delta 41.8)

    Boot Timer in 15.303secs

    PCMark 25401

    X3 139.576fps

    SuperPi 1M (8.6 secs)


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      Awesome posting mate

      Lovely pics, great rig, total overkill on the roof cooling - Love it

      Yet more proof that WEI is a steaming pile Just out of interest, what does WEI give the cpu when overclocked? I assume it's purely GHz based

      Sweet build - I seem to remember helping spec it - thanks for sharing the pics!
      Fractal R4 (shhh!) 3570k, z77x-d3h, 16gb, R9-270X, 240gb SSD, 2tb mirror w/ 60gb cache drive


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        Yeah, I agree on the cooling, but it means I can lower the speed of the H100 making it so quiet but still giving amazing cooling!
        WEI still gives 7.8 on OC!
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          really??? my Athlon went up by 0.5 with just a 700MHZ OC!!!

          Anyway, that is beast of a chip and a truly awesome build, well done
          Out of curiosity, mind sharing how much it cost you overall?
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            Yep, no change at all even with an OC of almost 4.4Ghz. Not too fussed though if I'm honest

            Costwise - I dread to think, I didn't buy it all at once, but if you added the whole lot up on Aria, it would probably come to quite a bit... :/


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              Nice build, good pics as well. Did you buy another HAF X fan for the front to make it a blue LED? Mine came as red LED.
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                Nope, mine came with a blue!


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                  Looks sweet Seb! Very very sweet
                  Currently upgrading my pc

                  Fogive my spelling/grammar mistakes I use my iPad to browse the forums


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                    beast of a rig

                    4770k @ 4.6, XSPC Raystorm, Avexir 4x4GB 2400MHz, ASUS Z87 Maximus Hero VI, Tri-fire 290x/290x/290 Reference EK 290X CSQ Full Nickel Blocks, Alphacool 240 ST-30, Alphacool 360 ST-30, Asus Xonar, Alphacool D5, Corsair AX 1200i, Carbide 540


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                      awesome rig mate . thanks for sharing


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                        Really impressed with this H100, it's on full at the moment but temps haven't risen above 52 on any core while gaming! That's after about 5 hours of playing SW:TOR.


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                          Glad it's all working again =].
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                            Yep, had some problems installing, but they seem to have vanished, though I'm reluctant to start transferring massive files until I can be 100%!


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                              Absolutely stunning build, loving the whole look with the motherboard + ram and general 'theme' of the build . I'm not normally a fan of a gaming build with LED's and such, but that looks great!

                              Biggest niggle I have is putting the components on the anti static bag - BIIIIG no-no, the point of the bag is to draw any static to the external part of the bag. Might've been the reason for the death of the GTX570.
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