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  • Phanteks Phwoooaarr!

    Bought myself a few new bits from aria last week (ignore the joystick):

    Then I spent about half an hour nerding out exploring all the nooks and crannies of this particular beauty:

    Now I do have it up and running, but this is not the final result (still need to add the DVD/Bluray drive, and I've got a couple of white LED ring fans to put in the top and rear of the case, and I need to hide the USB cable at the bottom - and yes I did need the extra USB ports lol):

    Got a picture showing the graphics card LEDs as well:

    Probably going to remove the front LED strip and place it in the rear of the case instead, but I'll wait to see what it looks like with the other fans first...

    For those interested, full spec can be seen here (except the power supply which isn't in stock anymore, a Seasonic Focus Plus+ 650 Watt Gold Modular PSU - and I took the liberty of substituting the GPU, mine's actually the G1 Gaming edition but it's close enough).
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    Very nice!

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