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  • help please

    i purchased some items for a pc build

    i purchased a CORSAIR PSU VS550 550 WATT

    i have been having issues since the build,

    the pc works for a while then on reboot i get no pictures on screen,

    could this be caused by the PSU ?

    I have checked graphics card etc,

    any ideas an one please,

    ASUS M5A78L Motherboard
    AMD FX300 CPU

    on HWMonitor the PSU is showing only just over 9v being given out, ( under the 12v + readings)
    could this be causing me issues like above ??

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    Where did you buy from borris? If it's second hand probably worth getting in touch with the seller ASAP to check it was working and hasn't been damaged in transit.

    Could be PSU but if it's powering up and actually useable for any length of time I reckon it's more likely to be motherboard - wouldn't trust HWMonitor. You could try the PSU in another build though to see if it's working?
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      Could have bent the pins on the CPU?
      Originally posted by Aaron
      I want those sweet cherries


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        purchased from a competitor new !! (i do buy new sometimes Nickcpc lol)

        they are testing motherboard,cpu now

        they say its working ok but have got a 700 watt psu to test it with not the Corsair VS550 i purchased at same time and the one that may be giving issues as described,
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          Originally posted by coiler View Post
          Could have bent the pins on the CPU?
          That's QwertyK's speciality.
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