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  • PSU options?

    Ok so i currently have an Antec 550w power supply, at least 5-7 years old, it does have two pci-e 6 pin power supplies but i now need a six and a eight to run my 7870.

    Question is do i get a six to eight pin adapter and run as is or upgrade to a PSU with more power?

    I have a Phenom II x4 970 , a couple of SSD and a HDD, seven case fans (overkill?).

    Dont want to go too expensive, if i need a new PSU, but then again want something decent enough it will last as long as the Antec.

    Your views?

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    7 case fans, even with 7870 and Phenom II, probably yes. Try disconnecting a few and see how the temps are affected.

    As for PSU, I have been using XFX Pro Core range and comes with 5 year warranty and has the connectors you are looking for. 650W or above should be OK with your set up though you get a higher rating if you plan on having multiple video cards in future . You could spend extra and get modular version if you want tidy cabling.

    Finally, regarding PSU. Haswell has a new power saving state C6/7. There are reports that it drops power consumption so much that some PSUs have been shutting down. From what I understand this state is disabled by default in most BIOS and most PSU are OK with this state even if not stated. But if it is important to you then its worth checking.


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      I reckon it will take it. Those antec PSU s are pretty decent, even considering its age.


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        Originally posted by oneman View Post
        Try disconnecting a few and see how the temps are affected.
        Gpu is 34c just web browsing, with all fans running 700ish rpm,... for some reason Hardware monitor wont show my Cpu temp


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          You *should* be okay but if you wanted to get a new one, I'd highly recommend the XFX 550 watt unit. It is built by Seasonic who are amongst the best in the world for their power supplies.
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            these are also worth a thought...


            and i think some of the evga ones are built by SuperFlower too, so well worth considering

            Also don't forget the Bequiet units, these too are well worth considering, for example...

            or it's larger wattage modular bigger brother

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              Another vote for the XFX, although gunslinger's suggestions are solid alternatives too. Personally my inclination would be to get a new PSU and keep the old one as a solid backup (always have a spare PSU!).