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  • Corsair CX430M with

    Hi lovely folks. I'm trying to get up and running with my XFX HD7770 card with my Corsair CX430M PSU.... here goes

    The card has a standard 6 pin PCI-E power connection. sorted.

    The PSU has a 6 pin PCI-E cable. Sorted. Only, on the other end of it, it has an 8 pin "type 3" connection that has two empty pins at one end??

    The PSU has two empty connections -

    6 pin PCI-e and 8 pin '4+4 CPU' (the 4+4 CPU cable actually had a 6 pin connector at the other end for the PSU)

    So, if that makes any sense... can I use the 6 pin PCI-E cable with the 8 pin (2 blanks) on the other end in the 4+4 CPU slot on the PSU???

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    hmm, think I figured it out. I was wrong about the CPU power - thats not modular. The 4+4 CPU & PCI-e connector is a single connector - I can use the PCI-e cable with the 8 pin (2 blank) PSU connection.

    I think. it hasnt blown up yet so all good.


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      A photo of what you are trying to do might help mate, even I am confused and that don't take a lot to do.

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        I believe he was confusing the 8pin connection on the PSU end of the modular PCI-E cable with an 8pin cpu power connector, thinking it was reversible to work as one.