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How many watts do you actually need?

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  • How many watts do you actually need?

    OC3D Power supply Guide,

    Full Article here

    From OC3D TV

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    I'll watch this in the morning after the children are delt with for school!!
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      Was a good video but to be honest as long as you have half a brain, I'm sure this was all common knowledge....


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        I have had a plug in power meter for years so know exactly what my rig is pulling at all states (as well as just about everything powered by electricity around the house ).

        The thing that needs to be drilled into a lot of people is also that you need a quality psu with strong rails and not just to go by the wattage label but actually look at the breakdown of how the power is distributed. It's all very well going out and buying a 850w psu for 20 thinking 850w is more than enough. In reality that 850w psu will never get close to delivering that power on the all important 12v rail and will have a lot of it over minor rails that are not important anymore. There's also the fact that it will be innefficient, built with cheap and nasty internals and could easily fail and take some of your components with it. Even psu's from decent manufacturers can have weak 12v rails so always look to see how the power is distributed. Silverstone's Essential range is a prime example. The 400w version only has 300w on the 12v rail and has a similar pattern across the range. The Corsair CX series also used to have 100w (or even more with the larger capacity psu's) less than their stated outputs on the 12v rails. They have improved a bit now (not that i would ever recommend one) but still have around 50w less on the 12v rails (apart from the pair of 750w units which actually has 748w). Coolermaster, Antec, Akasa, Bequiet, OCZ, Thermaltake, even Seasonic, all have models with significantly less than their stated outputs on the 12v rails so it's always worth double checking to see what you are actually getting for your money. It's all very well saying that someone only needs 450w to power their pc but that 450w psu might not even have 450w on the 12v rail where it's needed most. There are plenty of reviews available and there's always the excellent RealhardtechX PSU database that is regularly updated.
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          Completely agree but from what PSU's I've looked at (Corsair RM and AXi ranges) their quoted rated outputs are based on their 12v lines... I agree that you have to be careful when changing PSU's as I've experienced it myself.. Cheaper units with bigger power ratings doesn't always mean that they are going to be best. I remember when I first started with PC's that I had a basic 550w PSU and I was having problems with the overclocking.. I remember then getting told about the PSU so I went out and bought a Enermax unit that was 460w I think. That Enermax unit surprised the hell out of me as I was able to push for faster speeds and it was still going!!

          The review site looks great I'm currently egerly awaiting Corsair's 1500w AXi unit for a new build as yes it's a massive power supply and whilst I wouldn't worry to much about running it near its limits as my AX1200 is amazingly stable, I'd sooner have a little more room to play with Besides it is more efficient when you use around 50% to 80% of the PSU's power than 90% plus..
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            Yeah I know 760W is overkill for mine but it will last for years as its not stressed, and it is also working to its maximum efficiency.
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            I admit it, it's so damn good! following Alan on the downs, just getting a feel


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              I've got a 1KW Corsair (back from my 2 x 580 days) powering my now 520 + 460 rig. Overkill ftw .
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                I need one point twenty-one jigawatts.
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