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Corsair Cx600 V2 just died :(

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    See if you can get credit.

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      it will only be 30 ish and that's not enough to buy another psu, and I don't have the funds to add to it.
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        If your old Hiper PSU is doing the job, put the 30 towards something else.
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          When i had to rma a unit to corsair, i too had to pay for the shipping, however when i pointed out i would not mind so much if they had a uk drop centre, and it would be a lot fairer, they added in a free flash drive with the replacement unit, and at the time that covered about half of the postage cost

          As for the CX range, yeah, i'd try hard to avoid them even the CS range would be a better option, the CS450M is probably the best right now, it seems to review well, and is considered by the reviewers as better quality than it's low positioning in their range

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            Had a 600CX V2 in the other half's pc... Today it won't turn on... Light on mobo, fans start to spin then give up etc... Warranty ran out September last year lol

            Still, lasted longer than it's warranty so I guess that's a bonus
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