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  • PSU Issue

    My new PSU from aria seems to be not working correctly. It's an XFX 850w Black (the seasonic km3 variety). The problem is the fan won't work. Now i know this unit has a hybrid mode, which means the fan wont spin at low temperatures / load, but no matter how hot the PSU gets, or how much i plug into it, the fan won't spin. Which often leads to the unit shutting down when it's under heavy load for a few minutes.

    The thing is, i've never ordered from Aria before, and i've no idea how thorough they are (ie, the unit will work fine unless it's under extreme load and inside a case where it will overheat), nor how long replacements take, as i have no spare PSU currently. I ordered it on the 23rd of october this year (4 days ago).

    Anyone have any comment?

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    It does sound faulty, is the PSU actually getting hot? if your touch it is it warm?

    Think you will be better off posting something up in the Customer care section of the forum, if your lucky you'll get a reply over the weekend if not it will be Monday i would imagine
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      It gets uncomfortable to touch while gaming / stress testing. I assume it detects this and then shuts the system off to prevent damage.

      I didn't notice the customer section before, could a mod move this please? (Sorry)


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        Sounds faulty to me, I'd simply raise an RMA and explain the issue
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          regardless of temp, the PSU should spin up the fan when it's switched on, like a test mode, if it's not spinning up then, then i would tend to agree it's not right - which is surprising, seasonics checks usually catch things like this.
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            Have you checked that all of the PSU's connections are plugged into the right places?

            Is there a cable you are supposed to connect to the motherboard?
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              Mine does not spin either, it has to reach a certain temp before the fan even thinks about kicking in, how can you be sure that you are stressing it enough in the first place?


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                Considering the OCs i use, and what i have plugged in, it should be spinning. Even with hybrid mode on the PSU's fan should spin after it hits 25c. While in effect it gets almost too hot to touch. Turning hybrid mode off should make the fan spin at any temperature / power usage. And it doesn't.

                Pretty sure everything's plugged in properly.


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                  Just wanted to say that Aria did a fantastic job in replacing my PSU. They promptly replied to my RMA request and within 2 hours of them having received the damaged PSU it they shipped me a new one. So thanks!