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  • Spec me a nice psu

    Got my parts on order just stuck on what psu you to get

    I should mention it does not have to be moduler believe me I'm a pro at hiding cables (OCD and to much time on my hands)

    I'm just running a i7 (none k)╣
    7870 (no crossfire of sli ever)
    Air coolers only
    1 pci being used for wireless card

    I was looking at the be quite none moduler 700watt psu on aria for the price it seems like a steel and iv used there psu before mostly the dark power range

    I will be adding a extra ssd and hdd to the build for my Linux side of things

    ╣because I spent no money on a case the money saved allowed me to go to an i7...Due to my past I did run a lot of vm ware and being a tattooist and graphic designer I thought the extra boost in cpu power the i7 would be better than a i5 for graphical based software and 3d rendering

    * swapped my ps3 for a raven rs03 XD Dam sexy case only thing missing from case is 1 of the rear hdd caddys and the top 120mm still nothing that effects the case performance

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    700W seems way overkill to me.... nice PSU but too much power.

    The XFX 550W would be plenty, but I'd probably grab one of these Seasonics which are a bargain atm :
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      yeah spaceboy is spot on 550w is plenty, an with component using less an less power each generation, it should last many upgrades

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        OK 550watt it is thanks guyz


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          If you want the best, go for a Seasonic. Here's a 550W modular with 80plus gold:

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            Yeah as above, I seem to remember you said something about liking cabling well that modular one will make that a whole lot easier.
            Originally posted by jointhedotz
            I admit it, it's so damn good! following Alan on the downs, just getting a feel


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              SeaSonic one is the one I'm ordering..Again thank you guys.

              All that leaves now is a air cooler but that can wait