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PSU whine after rebuild

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  • PSU whine after rebuild

    I'm getting this weird whine/buzzing sound from my Antec 650w when I play games.

    It was fine before I rebuilt it this afternoon

    It could be on its way out but its a bit of a coincidence.

    I've reset the GPU, checked all thee power cables there in fine.

    Rest of the PC

    Asus AMD Radeon HD 7970 DirectCU II
    Sabertooth Z77

    Nothing is overclocked.

    Any ideas?

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    give it blast out with can of compressed air?

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      Does it whine with no GPU, if you just use onboard?

      Might be cap degredation and coincidence.

      I rebuilt a p55 build I had and the board refused to boot permanetly in the new case, changed it out for a new one that worked and tried the old one with other parts but it was dead.

      Sometimes just happens.

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        Onboard there is no whine. With the GPU there is, I'm guessing its the PSU as there is no artifacts or anything. But I'm not 100% sure TBH until I get a new PSU and see what happens. Might try my 560ti tomorrrow see what happens.


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          Ordered a XFX core edition 650 will be here Tuesday. Luckily got the day off.


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            Its normal and nothing to worry about, mine does it when i power down, if i leave something in the usb ports to charge it also stops it, its not loud, and does not bother me, are you sure its the psu and not the card? its normal to get coil whine under loads from anything that uses power tbh, some brands worse than others, some there from the start and then settle after use, as long as its not to loud and annoying id not worry to much, happens


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              Its quite loud and something its never done before. I had a coursair go bang on me once so I'm wary of PSU issues. Its not far of 3 years old and lasted like 2 systems.


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                I would RMA it mate, not worth the risk, touch wood I have never had a problem with any PSU I have owned.

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                  Yea its got a 5 year warranty so will send it off when I get a chance.