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    im sure its the psu, 18amps on each 12v rail is ok for stock, but i wouldn't be overclocking with such little headroom.

    Try what pastyman said first tho as it is also a possibility you have an extremly unstable overclock
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      Ok little up date, someone on an other forum suggested to et everything back to stock speed and voltage (cpu and gpu). Then up the voltage of the GPU only not the clock speed.
      So my cpu is at 3.3 Ghz and volt on auto
      Gpu is at 800Mhz with core volt at 1100mv.
      I ran Fire strike (3D mark) on extreme, and after 8 mins the nvidia display crashed.

      What do you think of those results?


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        For those who are interrested here is the answer I got from an other forum
        Thanks to Looniam
        furmark is rather flonky - it pushes gpus too far at times, esp the higher up 5xx nvidia series. if you look back at the power consumption using furmark that 580 of your would hit over 300 watts and the card is not designed to go that high @ 244 watts according to the specs on nvidia's page:
        GeForce GTX 580 Specifications Maximum Graphics Card Power (W) 244 W

        some of that might be all well and fine, pushing it that hard temporarily but, i think with your psu having four 12 volt rails might have caused an issue. hopefully i can explain it correctly and pardon me if i put it too simplistic. if you look at the power connections coming off the psu for the motherboard, the sata, the 4 pin molex, 4/8 pin cpu power and pci power connections you see the yellow wires are 12 volt.

        now supposedly the cpu gets its own 12 volt rail, that would be the 4/8 pin connection. so that theoretically leaves three of the four rails left.

        the motherboard connection supplies the 12 volts to the pci-e x16 slot to supply 75 watts (also the x1 slot is supplied ~10 when used, i think) each 6 pin power connection for the gpu is also 75 watts and the 8 pin are 150 watts. so you have 5 power connections (3 of them 75 watts and 2 with 150 watts) being distributed among three 18 amp rails. that would mean two pair of something is sharing a rail for each pair and one connection would have it own rail.

        now i am guessing that an 8 pin power connection has its own (150 watts), a 6 pin is sharing with the motherboard to supply the pci-e slot (150 watts), and a 6 pin is sharing with an 8 pin (225 watts). thats all fine and dandy but for the 6/8 pin sharing since 18amps*12volts is 216 watts, that would trip the over currant protection. again i am completely guessing but thats why i asked you to switch power connections to the card. if you are using the 8 pin that isn't sharing with the 6 pin that is sharing with the 8 pin but isn't being used then the motherboard supplying to the pci slot and each of the two power connections to the card will be on their own 12 volt rail.

        before it really isn't a problem until you try using furmark and it causes the card to draw more power than it was designed to do. then the psu does what it is suppose to do, shut down when the over current protection kicks in.

        i hope that made sense and i am somewhat close to being correct. - ooops i just thought that i forgot about the 12 volt to the sata and molex power connections . i guess that 8 pin that isn't sharing might be sharing with those. but the power draw on that is very minor, ~ 5 watts a connection, if that. but let me reassure you the psu is fine, you just hit a small bump in the road that can happen on a multi rail system from time to time."


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          .. not sure why you have made this more complicated than needed. a GTX 580 could run on a 430w psu, but it is not recommended. it could even run on a 500w psu, but still not recommended.

          as said in your last post, furmark does unrealistically push GPUs, but the peak load of a system is definitely something you want to bear in mind. personally I would suggest that you want your normal loading to be around 50-60% of your PSUs total rating with your peak loading hitting around 80% of your PSUs total wattage.

          An i5-2500K + GTX580 overclocked will hit a peak load of around 600-650W so while you will be perfectly fine with a 600-650w PSU, I would suggest you would want a 750-850W as an item that will last you for its 5 year warranty period and beyond.


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            Id add something else to what brokenfeet said and go for modular too, at least then your only sending power to places that actually need it
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              Originally posted by pastyman View Post
              OEM for all XFX psu's is Seasonic. The latest OEM for the Corsair TX 850 is Chicony Power Technology.

              Don't be surprised if it does'nt fix your problem though. Unless your current psu has a fault it is more than capable of powering your rig. I still reckon it's the overclock on your card that is not stable.
              AFAIK all TX V2's are Seasonic

              I recommend going for the TX/HX series tbh, much better customer service/warranty compared to XFX.
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                The TX V2's are discontinued and have gone back to being just the TX again. The new OEM is Chicony Power Technology. See here.

                Unless his psu is faulty he does'nt need a new psu anyway as his rig will come nowhere near the max his current one can deliver. I dount if his rig pulls much more than 400-430w from the wall.
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