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how long is a PSU good for?

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  • how long is a PSU good for?

    Hi again

    I got a Corsair VX Series 550W ATX2.2 in 2009.

    its driving
    i7-3770 (stock)
    m4 128
    3x samsung F3's
    16 gig ram
    and a few usb gadgets, and possibly a audiophile soundcard.

    and a GTX260 (feel the power)

    I'm thinking it might need upgrading anyway by now? in 4th year and my pc's on everyday for 17 hours.

    and i'm thinking of getting a GTX660 so i can play new simcity and maybe a few other games modestly.

    I've done a few online PSU calculators and i had results between 350 and 650w. some demanded more with my old gfxcard, some with the new one. colour me confused.

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    660 uses less power than a 260
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      Originally posted by Spaceboy View Post
      660 uses less power than a 260
      Yep, he is right here. GTX260 have TDP of 206W and consumes in games roughly 145W while GTX 660 have TDP of 140W and in games consumes about 110W. Regarding the PSU life, corsair gives 5 year warranty assuming that in worst case scenario user will use it 24/7 for 5 years and since you use it 17h daily than I think you are safe for next 2 years or more hehehehe


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        those vx psu's are fantastic.

        im using the vx450w.

        i7 930 @4.5ghz
        gtx 480 @950 core
        hard drives
        full CPU and GPU water loop
        loads of fans

        the psu was actually rated at 570W.
        im still using it today
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          RE: how long is a PSU good for?

          My tx 650 is going on 5 years soon.

          Good thing is every time u upgrade new parts tend to use less power putting under less stress.

          I think it came with a 10 year warranty when i got mine. So a few years left for me.
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            well, re-colour me amazed!

            good news all around then! many thanks, as usual Aria forum knows.


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              That PSU will be fine, I had one since release, even after 5 years it was working fine. I only sold it as I Decided to upgrade to a AX750.
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                ive had one for 8 years still going strong it has a lifetime warrenty and 150k hours gold rating i think thats about 10years at full load 24/7 which it never is lol
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                  I have a corsair 600watt PSU the very first one released and its well over 10 years old now still going strong. PC's on nearly 24/7.


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                    As others have put, a good long time if you buy a decent branded one and are a bit lucky.

                    My mate has an eleven year old enermax one that works fine but is only around 70+ i think.

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                      they do degrade over time and lose some efficiency but like others have stated thing us less power these days, that why you should always buy more power than you need, around 200 watts more, when the time comes