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PSU Whine + possible problem

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  • PSU Whine + possible problem

    Hi Guys,

    Just had to go take a look at Mums PC as it shut itself down while watching Media. (TLR Think the reset was from a windows update)

    It would then boot up, display BIOS, screen would go blank and stay like that for 30-40 seconds until it shut itself down.

    I then got it to boot into the BIOS and while viewing the screen went black then 20 seconds later shut down.

    The next boot up I forced it into Safe mode, it loaded fine and after a few minutes was still running so I reset the PC and it booted up fine and appeared to be fine from here.

    HOWEVER, as soon as I connect the "kettle lead" and flick the switch on the power supply there is a constant whining noise.
    Is this normal? Or is this an indication it needs immediate replacement? I have instructed my parents not to use it until further notice


    Edit: PSU is a Corsair 600CX bought from Aria March 2011

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    Coil whine is fairly common and not necessarily a sign of failure.
    I have a Corsair CX430 in my media PC, that whines slightly when the PC is completely powered off, but goes quiet as soon as it's powered on, or even in standby.

    I'd do a little further testing and try a different PSU to see if it corrects the issue.


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      i would make sure all connections are secure as its often just a loose cable causing it.
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        have you tried changing the kettle lead in case it helps?


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          I had this in my machine a little while back and it didn't seem to have any problems

          I just bought a 430CX PSU for them as the relative cost is cheaper than short circuiting a brand new machine