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  • PSU for a friend.

    Hello, a friend popped round today just as i was about to list all my old computer gear for sale with the tale of how his computer has bit the dust, so, yep, he's buying my old stuff off me. Problem is he needs a new psu, there isn't many options around these parts so ordering off the tinernet is fine, but were really pushing it at 30, and that is the max.

    It's really difficult trying to explain why a good psu is so important to someone who just sees the watts and thinks thats a lot, that'll do, we've all been there.

    Anyway these are the specs.

    Q9550 2.8 to 3.5
    260 gtx 216
    4gb ddr3 1333 (2 sticks)
    P35c Ds3r
    1 Sata HDD
    Possibly 1 IDE
    Wireless card

    I know the first two items listed are the main thing, so what is good round those prices?


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    For that setup the lowest I would go is this:

    That is a bit of a power hungry system so I wouldn't go below 500w.
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      Cheers, went for a OCZ equivalent for 32


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        Should've gone for the corsair tbh but hey.
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          Originally posted by gregtherotter View Post
          Should've gone for the corsair tbh but hey.
          Agreed, OCZ more of less fall in to that "high-wattage, crap-power" category!
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            Originally posted by Dokko View Post
            Cheers, went for a OCZ equivalent for 32
            Will be very close, the CoreXstream's are for office PC's really, not much quality to them.

            10 per 100W!!
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              Had several Corsairs fail on me, terrible brand.

              Antec are my brand, but for 32 there was nothing that came close.


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                Originally posted by ChrisGlobe View Post
                Agreed, OCZ more of less fall in to that "high-wattage, crap-power" category!
                I've been running with OCZ psu's for a few years now, running a pair of the Fatal1ty 750W models, never had an issue with them, and that's with systems that are on pretty much 24/7.


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                  It seems that the more modern OCZ PSUs are better than the ones that used to be rubbished.