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Corsair HX 850 Gold PSU Review

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  • Corsair HX 850 Gold PSU Review

    Corsair's update to the good old HX850 has been a good move. The new unit performs a little better, offers higher efficiency, and is still that same excellent build quality we've come to expect from Corsair. It's not perfect, but there are very few things to complain about. And it's all very minor stuff. Certainly, we can't find fault with the performance. Nice job, Corsair - keep on doing what you do.

    Looks like a great PSU.
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    yeah it's shame already have hx850 but older model which isn't gold rated

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      Originally posted by k3vst3r View Post
      yeah it's shame already have hx850 but older model which isn't gold rated
      Same, although tbh Im 100% happy with my PSU..... and lets face it, teh gold rating over silver is going to save you waht, maybe 3 over 10 years?????


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        You can win one on everyone's favourite YouTube channel, tastypc
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