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  • Corsair PSU RMA

    Just have a problem with the Corsair PSU and I requested RMA and they said I have to pack it and send to Netherland, Just wonder do I need to pay for delivery or they have to pay it for me. And if I have to pay how much it would be?

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    Is it out of warranty then or after the first year?

    Normally you have to pay and its about 14 - 22 depending on the standard of delivery.

    I've successfully gotten a replacement from the place i bought one instead of RMAing as the PSU was only worth 45, kick up a fuss and quote the DSR, it mentions you shouldnt have to deal with the manufacturer, only the retailer.

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      It 's over a year now, I got it from aria sell thread. How long it warranty for normally by corsair? Will corsair tell you first it's under warranty or not before we send it out?


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        So did you buy it at the trading post or new from aria? If its a corsair psu the warranty is probably at least 4-5 years
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          I just got from the thread which is 3 years warranty. Now what I need to do just send it to the manufacturer where is in Netherland.