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What is your favorite PSU brand?

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    +1 for OCZ RMA service. My 780W Modular died just before the new year. Shipped it back to holland and they replaced it with a OCZ Z Series 850W Gold Modular (Very happy!!) as my original PSU was discontinued. The slowest part of the RMA was on my part as shipping it to hollland would have been 30 on a courier so had to opt for regular. Once they had received, the unit was tested, found faulty & a replacement shipped out same day and took less than 4 working days to arrive back in the UK. Lots of good email updates and feedback from the RMA status and even the shippnig courier.
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        Damn they're expensive lol. Look guuurd though.
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          Had a nice Zalman 650-HP jobby for about 3 years there...just died on me a month back :-(, was great while it lasted! topic but does anyone know where you can get them repaired??

          SeaSonic and Enermax seem to be pretty dang solid ;-).


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            I am using corsair in my daughters pc still going strong and the first psu corsair released so its well old now. and coolermaster in my pc and the coolermaster pro silent is the queitest PSU I have used.

            Seasonic has a 80+gold psu design simular to corsairs for their 80+gold psu DC to DC. Cosair psu's are manufactured by OEM supplier channel well technologies with reviews pointing to fan noise on the AX1200 when pushed hard and I can't believe cosair have used a 120mm fan on their AX850 unit, says fan noise to me straight away and why are have cosair going back to a noiser 120mm fan from 140mm fan? Looked at the HX850 but not completely sold on it and I am leaning towards seasonic but they are more expensive for their 80+gold psu.

            I will never use OCZ psu's again, had 2 burn out one within 6 months and the other within a couple of years, OCZ said rma it to them, a big problem because it needs to be sent holland with the postage costing as much as the psu cost in the first place. They agreed to pay postage on one psu but the other one it wasn't worth the hassle.
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              Corsair, Coolermaster, XFX .. never used any of the others.

              As an aside, whatever happened to Hiper? Most of my early rigs were powered with Hiper PSUs and I always found them pretty solid units. Not had one die on me as yet, and some of those that are still in use are 3+ years old and still powering 24/7.


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                Had my Corsair for nearly 3 years now, love it!

                Project Antec 900


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                  If I was choosing a PSU I would keep to these two brands.

                  Corsair for length of Warranty i.e. 7 years.

                  Seasonic for UK Warranty via
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                    XFX black edition.
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                      Had my Corsair HX620W for nearly 5 years now, just as good as the day I bought it. Seemed silly at the time paying 100 for that size of a power supply, but its an awesome investment. They hold their value nicely too.

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                        It would be ANTEC for me, I once got them to replace my 3 year old faulty PSU for free, even though it passed its warranty by 1 month.

                        Moreover, I dont need to send it anywhere, just need to show them that I have cut out the power cable


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                          Originally posted by lucas4 View Post
                          it looks like u should just stock anything that is built by seasonic, then decide on the others !

                          Corsair Ax750/850 + old Hx620/520
                          Antec TruePower New
                          what else are made by Seasonic?

                          and i also chose Enermax for their excellent range of PSU. if not Seasonic, i'd go for Enermax.
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                            Ocz stealthX 600w ftw


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                              Antec TruePower 650W. I had a Corsair HX620W, but I thought it may have been going faulty (turned out not to be), so I replaced it.


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                                Arianet PSU

                                Has anyone try 750W Arianet Black Series Silent ATX2.2 Power Supply? how is it ? Does is make a lot of noise ? that 's what I worry.