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What is your favorite PSU brand?

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    Originally posted by watercooled View Post
    enermax seasonic corsair

    where is hiper ?

    Hiper went bust years ago.

    Rawz, if you are slimming down your range, will you be doing deals on existing stocks ?
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      Imo it shouldn't b a case of which brand is best. All brands have good and bad units.
      I think it wud b good to stock some cheap and decent for budget builds, some good price vs performance for mid range builds, and some monstrous OTT for extreme builds.

      I don't pick because of brand, I pick due to my price range and the best performing in that range.

      What if most people prefer corsair, antec and ocz, but silverstone for example come out with a psu that performs great and is cheaper than competitors.

      I say just stock a variety and don't overcrowd 1 category. Eg there is like 5 or 6 500w - 600w psu just in the 40-50 range. Drop 2 of them, and have just 1 for each wattage maybe. There is a 500w ocz Sxs 2 and 500w corsair cx500 and a 550w CM gx550 that r within like a fiver of eachother. Is that really needed? Just keep the best of the 3 because their price r so close.

      No doubt somebody will disagree with me, but Thats just my opinion anyway .


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        corsair, enermax, nzxt

        we are one.


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          XFX - Well priced quality units; look the part and run the part - would love to see these back in (650W XXX and 750/850 BE)

          BeQuiet - Heard good stuff about these guys and would quite like to see them stocked.

          OCZ - Although not the best units out there, they are cheap however still retain a high level of quality.


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            For me it's

            Corsair- Great
            Seasonic- Great but a bit expensive
            XFX Modular- 650w/750/850 versions were excellent priced, get these back in RawZ
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              Be Quiet


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                Originally posted by watercooled View Post
                enermax seasonic corsair
                This. Hiper had some real issues with unit a few years ago. Hardly reliable.

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                  its gotta be seasonic, although they are a little expensive, aria are selling the 650w for 105 which is damn cheap compared to other places!


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                    Corsair, Antec and Seasonic for me.

                    Those who believe in telekinetics, raise my hand.

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                      Corsair HX, TX and VX


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                        corsair seasonic and enermax i went with.

                        the corsair GS series has been getting some amazing reviews.

                        personally im gonna be sticking with seasonic psus,

                        i have a thing for the exotic but tbh i dont really want to have to sell a kidney to afford them esp without a decent UK RMA/warrantee service.


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                          Corsair and coolermaster haven't gone wrong for me yet.

                          Currently RMA'ing a OCZ PSU
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                            at least you CAN rma it...


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                              OCZ, Corsair and Antec.

                              OCZ are underrated IMO
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                                I like Corsair, OCZ and XFX PSU's.

                                Good products for a reasonable price
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