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  • PCI-e

    my power unit has 2 pci-e connectors i was wondering if i got another card could i use a splitter on these connectors to make 2 more?

    thx lee
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    No, but you *can* run them off molex. Ideally you should get a PSU which is up to the job with these already connected.
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      depends what connectors they are.

      8pin is 150W
      6pin is 75W

      if you can find the cable you can split a 8pin in to 2 6 pins safely.
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        nope, you cant. but if you have enough molex you can use an adaptor on them. Just make sure your psu is strong enough to run 2 graphic cards


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          run 1 pci e power to each then make the 2nd(s) up from molex
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            Originally posted by marsey99 View Post
            run 1 pci e power to each then make the 2nd(s) up from molex
            exactly what i did
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