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Optimizing radeon graphic cards in amd settings

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  • Optimizing radeon graphic cards in amd settings

    Hey guys hope your well i have a question.

    First of specs: Intel Core i5 3570k processor clocked at 3.40ghz
    Board Gigabyte Z77-D3h
    Memory Crucial balistic sport ddr3 8gb ram
    Card Amd Radeon HD 7800
    Roughly 4 year old pc now

    My question is with the new crimson settings that amd have brought out recently instead of catalyst control center, for some reason when i boot my pc normally, the fan speed is set to 20% auto off or in other words the fan wonít boot up, is that a default speed because i have tinkered with the settings to try and get the best performance but i noticed when i go below 50% speed the rpm on hwmonitor goes down to 100 rpms and goes quiet. Is it suppose to stay at 20% (Turned off) or can you adjust it to your liking to keep everything cool ? Also ive just tested it with 3dbenchmark basic edition and the frames were so stuttering that it was showing barely 10 frames and one test a message at the rating came up as card not supported, now am not a pc specialist by any means, and when I built it it was mostly for gaming , I just donít understand the basic principals on amd crimson software in order to get the best out of my card, so I hope someone can give me a small ish guide to it ?

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