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Optical Drives ...Do you need one

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  • Optical Drives ...Do you need one

    Ok just built myself a media sever using an APU I had left over.....I had all the bits apart from RAM...which Pullen kindly supplied for basically a steal...

    Anyway finished the build realsing I did not have a spare SATA Optical drive.... so built without

    Then down loaded an Win 7 Iso legally and installed from USB....went flawlessly ..put the network drivers on via usb...then connected the the Tinterwebs and updated all the drivers.... took probably half the time to setup from scratch than a usual build ( including Ninite for all apps )

    Transferred all my media via usb 3 so I now have the server sat on a shelf working away happy as larry..

    Not once did I need media basically is there a need...

    I have added a poll...but feel free to expand....
    YES you need an Optical Drive
    No yu dont need an Optical drive

    The poll is expired.

    posted by scrivz69
    I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
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    I have a bluray for watching movies, otherwise I don't use it other than the odd DVD burning which isn't that necessary tbh.

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      I don't have an optical drive. All my game installs and everything else that used to be on a CD was ripped to ISO files and saved on the the NAS, the optical drive was then put in a PC I made for someone else. Anything else I need is either available as a download or on a USB.

      As I watch movies on my PC, I have .mkv files saved for that
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        I've got a fast 16Gb USB 3.0 key 53458 set up using Sardu with Windows XP, Vista and 7 (x86 and x64) setup installs in a fraction of the time of DVD. especially using the usb 3 patch

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          My last build had no DVD drive - I do have a usb dvd drive on the very rare occasion I need it - not very often at all now...
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            I need one as I just find it easier to install stuff, but I am an old fart.

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              I have loads of disks lying around and find it useful.


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                I don't have one in last build but laptop has one. They are handy for other people needing rebuilds. Stick 7 on a disk and they can do the rest! Less hassle and headache for me


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                  Don't necessarily need one, but I use mine for watching blu-rays and DVDs, although that's been taking a hit by Netflix.
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                    I have one for watching films on DVD, for installing the odd offline game/software and for writing photos, films etc. onto a dvd/cd.
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                      All good for and against here.... I must say all my films are rips or streams all my music is ripped and stored my games are either steam/ Origin/uplay / GMG. .... So can't say I've missed one.... That said my games pc has a BR/HDD drive in it....but can't remember the last time it was used.... I do also have a USB DVD Writer ..... Not used yet lol..
                      posted by scrivz69
                      I think I may leave this forum, it seems to be full of the village people.​
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                        hard copies will never die.

                        disk are a very cheap way of moving, storing or viewing media.
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                          Mostly not, although I do have a DVD RW in my main PC, just in case. For the other PCs (wife + minime) I just have a USB DVD reader for emergencies.


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                            Yes I think you do still need an optical drive. That doesn't necessarily mean it has to be an internal optical drive. Downloads and saved ISOs and saved installs are fine, but you can only acquire those from either download or disc, the latter of which requires an optical drive. If you have a poor internet connection, then it's a no-brainer really.

                            I currently have a 24x DVD rewriter but generally don't use it except for installing software.

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                              I picked up an external USB Blu-ray player and DVD/CD writer for 20 a while ago. Have used it twice but its nice to know I have it if I need it.
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