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blu ray playback any better?

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  • blu ray playback any better?

    I remember looking about a year ago at adding blu ray to the pc and getting a drive was easy. Getting software to play stuff was another question.

    Has it improved?

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    VLC was ok for me...


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      Asked the same thing a while back but in short, no:
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        I use PowerDVD, got 11 atm, never had any problems with it .
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          using arcsoft total media theatre works perfectly.

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            I have had problems with VLC recently with blue ray playback, at the moment I am using PowerDVD 12 Ultra, works fine.


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              Powerdvd 12 is a vast improvement over the last version I had (9.0)

              It now autorecognises the refresh rate the blu-ray was recorded at and will switch to the new rate. This means that slow pan judder has now gone.

              The bad news is that it costs money. A fair bit of money.
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                I can never get vlc to play any of my blurays, I use the PowerDVD bundled with my player mostly because I don't want to spend so much money when I prefer VLC anyways. I'd rather pay for VLC and get bluray from them.

                I type 90 WPM, Click Here to try
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                  ^ Yeh that's because most of the Blu Rays have heavy DRM on them and the VLC player is only really designed to play DRM free Blu Ray or ones you've made yourself.

                  Still in general seems to be a nuisance, the DRM on Avatar is ridiculous. Last week none of my blu rays would play and PowerDVD was saying my system wasn't HDCP compliant. Unplugged my HDMI cable and plugged it back in and it worked again, all rather baffling.

                  Shame that Arcsoft has not kept updating TMT, about a year or more since it last had an update. I am on PowerDVD 12.


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                    Another vote for TMT5 here!


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                      Originally posted by El Wayneo View Post
                      using arcsoft total media theatre works perfectly.
                      I use this for bluray and hd dvd works perfectly very good software


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                        Mine worked fine with PowerDVD 9 for like a year, till I reinstalled windows onto my SSD. Now it won't work, PowerDVD 12 won't work and ArcSoft only works through DVI...

                        It's a pain, if I could I would get a refund. Think I might buy a PS3.
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                          Any specific error codes that come up, might be able to help a bit more then? I have had both those working on my SSD.


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                            I gave up about 6 months ago even having a blueray in the PC the drm was so annoying*. 3d blueray is even worse. And cost of grabbing the software just stupid I actually bought a 3d bluray standalone player and HDMI 1.4a lead this year for less than the legal software costs for PowerDVD 12 upgrade on sale and cost of addiong any soundcard that would spit 7.1 correctly down HDMI to the TV or amp.

                            Blueray is great, 3d blueray is godlike just don't bother with the PC for either for disks the DRM is just insane. Keep both on stand alone players and you will be happy. Current Bluray DRM and software for PC is pretty much an annoyance save yourself a ton of hassle and just buy a standalone player.

                            Personally I regard the DRM and disk extras on bluray and B3D in regards to the PC as almost malware! And it is annoying as none of my 2d or 3d bluray standalone players boot a disc like a 5GHZ windows PC can.

                            *And security issues some of the third party features could open up on your PC.
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                              Originally posted by Clockwise View Post
                              I remember looking about a year ago at adding blu ray to the pc and getting a drive was easy. Getting software to play stuff was another question.

                              Has it improved?
                              not quite legit version of power dvd for me.
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