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    Hi again

    It is coolmaster,it was a good deal,good reviews so i just bought it,to be honest didnt really want to spend a lot on it incase it wasnt a psu problem..Having said that I had another crash today trying to export with lightroom,so I am not sure why it was,also Radeon drivers updated again yesterday,so I dont think it is a driver issue.I dont know how to check the temperatures but I will check google and find out. When I was installing the PSU in i realised 2 of my rams are ( 2x4gb) 1600mhz,and 2 of them are 1333mhz,would that cause any trouble?


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      it might if you have timing/speeds which both are not able to do. but i thought i read you did a ramtest and they passed?

      run them at the speed of the slowest with timings 1 higher than rated. so if the 1333 is cl7 run them at 8 or what ever they are.

      hwmon is a great free app for temp monitoring.
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        use realtemp, much simpler and just gives core temps. Will help to give you a quick indication if things are getting really hot when you go to export.

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          Please, for the love of God, do not try to overclock the 8350 on that motherboard. You'll be frying it in no time at all.
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