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  • My first build

    Hi, so I'm doing my first ever build and have a 1500 budget. I'v came up with this,, just wondering if all of this will definetly go together as I'm a bit of a noob or if there are any improvements anyone could recomend

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    For that money, you really, really need to have an SSD on its own and not a hybrid drive as they are cack.

    Other than that, it looks fine to me.

    What will it be used for? Gaming, I take it...? If yes, drop the 6700K to a 6600K and use the 100 to buy a proper SSD.
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      With a budget of that magnitude I would definitely include at least 256GB SSD (such as 61519). The hybrid drives aren't really worth it IMHO.

      Also, what are you using it for? The budget for the SSD can come from downgrading to an i5 6600K as gaming doesn't need the hyperthreading that it provides. Also, unless you need the DVD drive, get rid of it. Windows is installed with a USB stick now
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        Thanks guys. Yes it is just for gaming, I wasn't sure about the sshd I'v never really looked into them properly but thanks for the heads up on them


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          So i'v revised my list to what you guys have recommended



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            I'd be tempted to go for a smaller OS SSD drive, and get a secondary drive for storage shizz. 500GB is a bit much, its just unnecessary. Especially if you only install games that demand an SSD on it. Generally speaking, you will be fine just installing games which require fast load times onto the SSD, i.e. competitive games. Just my opinion of course.

            You can probably save a lot of money on that case too. It's probably not as small as you think. You can get a Fractal R5 a lot cheaper than that. And its a brilliant case.


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              You can drop the psu down to 550W-650W as that board doesn't support SLI. Also the SK Hynix SSD is cheaper.




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                +1 on the Fractal R5, used one in my latest built and absolutely love it. Also, I've stuck with a 120GB SSD for a couple years now and still have around 50GB left. Unless you really need space.
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