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First Build looking for a bit of advice

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  • First Build looking for a bit of advice,,

    This is what I have so far and is just inside my budget, some of the components current sale prices bring it under my budget so time is of the essence.

    Any advice would be nice especially if it brings the cost down.
    The parts I'm most unsure about are the psu and RAM.
    I'll be using it for Gaming at the highest settings it can give me (from what I've seen this could manage to max out most games I'd be playing) but not overclocking anything as of yet possibly in the future though
    I'll also be using it for general student use with the exception of some autoCAD 3Darchitecture programs.

    Also if possible it would be nice to know which components are eligible for student discount over the counter.

    Thanks William

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    Drop the mobo down to :

    That saves 70, if you can save up 20 more (or drop the hdd to 1TB) , grab an SSD

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      I'm guessing you've got a budget of 900? Fairly good build - can't see anything wrong with it - and I have no idea why you're worrying about the PSU and RAM. Like spaceboy, I would've thought you could drop the motherboard (and perhaps the GPU too - I'm not hot on GPUs though...) a little to get an SSD - it'll make the system feel very very responsive, and it generally makes a world of difference!
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        its not that I'm worrying about them just wondering if there are better options


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          I have been thinking of reducing the mobo the 5 year warranty and thermal armour pulled me in.


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            Originally posted by Spaceboy View Post
            Drop the mobo down to :

            That saves 70, if you can save up 20 more (or drop the hdd to 1TB) , grab an SSD

            I've had a look and am considering an MSI Z77 MPOWER for 149.99 and with the SSD you mention bringing the full build to 904.57 which is acceptably only just over budget