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  • Replacement for Office Machine

    Hi Guys

    Been asked to spec up a machine to replace my current office one, as currently we are only "borrowing" it. It is primarily being used for general applications (MS Office, browsing web and Adobe Master Suite), but it will be used for video editing.

    The current spec is:
    i7 980X 3.33GHz Extreme
    Asus P6X58D-E
    6GB Corsair RAM
    2x Asus GTX480 SLI
    Corsair H50 Cooler.
    AX 1000W Corsair PSU.

    Now we've been given the option to buy it (not sure what it is worth - was going to offer 500 for it), or been given a 500 budget to build a new one, so that is what I'm looking for. I would say it needs to have 8GB of RAM and be able to handle some heavy video editing apps. Don't need HDDs or OS.

    I was going to give this a go myself, but I know the likes of Spaceboy and others are much better suited for it. Really appreciate your help on this one guys.
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    "office machine".

    Edit: does you video editing suite benefit from Quick Sync?

    In all honesty, i think it will be hard to best that machine you already have. I'd snap it up for 500 or whatever and then flog the 480's and stick something in that doesn't draw as much power and you're laughing, IMO.
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      Well the history behind "The Beast" as I call it, is that it was my Boss' Brother's gaming machine (spent 3K on it). He has since moved to Canada so loaned it to my Boss, and is now asking whether we want to buy it, or for him to take the gfx cards out, or take the whole thing back with him.
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        But yeah, let's say you flog the 480's for 200 that brings it down to 300 for a full build that's still faster than a 3770K for your needs, and you're looking at 250 for a 3770K alone.


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          Take the mobo+cpu+ram put into a more regular office styled case with a smaller psu.

          Take the gpus+psu+case+h100 sell them on.


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            Don't want this to turn into a price check thread as it's against the rules. Could someone spec me up a machine for 500 just to see what we could get for the same price?
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              This minus hdd and build cost/os.

              Not really near given the gpus.


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                I don't think we'll get to keep the GPUs regardless, so would look at replacing them for a single card (thinking GTX 650 2GB).
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