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  • New PC compatability

    Hey guys, new around here

    My mate compiled a wishlist of items for a new PC. He says they are all compatible but he told me to come over here and make sure.,,

    Are they all compatible?

    Cheers for any feedback

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    They are, however..

    Price should be about the same, and the system will be much better
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      +1 to the above, the system will be much better with no price increase.

      Just about to recommend changing the PSU and CPU to the above, would have liked to suggest buying a Gigabyte Z77X-D3H but that would push the price up a bit more and its on pre-order.

      Otherwise a great system.


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        i agree too

        i assume you have an os, monitor keyboard etc as well as some sort of storage
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          Cheers for the replies guys. Going for those new recommended items now.

          To Hails13, yes I have everything else thanks


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            You may even get a CX500 instead of the 600 if you want to save some .
            I got the CX600 running a 7970 Lightning (dual 8pins), and an i5-2500K all overclocked to near max, and plenty of juice left.