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Both nephews looking gaming rigs for xmas

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  • Both nephews looking gaming rigs for xmas

    As the title states,

    I have been given the green light to build 2 pc's for xmas for my newphews
    Both are COD and BF3 crazy.

    Budget is limited. I have to build the rig for 450.

    Any help or suggestions are most welcome

    I have this put together,,

    wireless card is a must.


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    suggest 2 sticks of memory so board is running in dual channel mode instead single

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      Great build, trinity is a good choice.
      Not much I'd change.
      The North will never forget!


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        Get this RAM instead:

        Trinity need as much bandwidth as it can get so as pointed out by k3vst3r, dual-channel will help here massively.

        On the other hand, you've got 13 to spare so you can probably squeeze an i3 build in there, which would be better seen as you're getting a 7850 too.

        Edit: Infact, i'd say definitely go the i3 + H61/B75 route.

        Edit 2: I can't see the ASRock board you have listed anywhere?

        Edit 3: i3 2120 + Gigabyte B75 is 4 cheaper than AMD route.
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          I would drop the OCZ PSU for a corsair or beQuiet unit. I would also switch the 7850 up for a 2GB model.
          Other than that, looks great.

          EDIT: Owp, swap the ram for 2 x 4GB sticks
          Originally posted by andyn
          Trick in most cases seems to be to get in early, and get out early. Pump and dump.
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            Thanks for the response guys.
            Much appreciated.


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              Hey home plugs instead of wireless, far far better for gaming on
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                I would definitely try to get an i3 in there instead of the Trinity system as you're getting a 7850.
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                  hmm never thought of the i3. would it be a better chip than the trinity?


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                    Originally posted by Philnoob View Post
                    hmm never thought of the i3. would it be a better chip than the trinity?
                    Given you're using a 7850, yes.


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                      if sticking with a trinity A10-5800k, what would be the best gfx card to go for?


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                        I wouldnt. If you have the money for the 5800K and a gpu, id just go for the 7850 and an i3. It will be faster overall.