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500 Budget for PC upgrade

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  • 500 Budget for PC upgrade

    I want to upgrade my home PC into a gaming PC that will be suitable for decent graphics on Guild Wars 2 / Borderlands 2!

    I will be buying windows 8 64 bit when it is released next month. I have a budget of around 500, but I can spend a bit more than that if I would get far better value for the overall performance!
    I'll probably go for the '50 forum posts free delivery' if delivery is expensive.

    [CPU] Currently running an intel core quad, I'm hoping to upgrade into something such as an i5 performance wise - I have a very good cpu fan already so I won't need another (it fits sockets 775/1156/1155).
    [GPU] Currently running a Geforce 9500 GT - badly needs an upgrade!
    [RAM] I have 4GB of DDR2 RAM at the moment as I only have a 32bit windows vista - I'd love to upgrade to 8gb+
    [PSU] I have a jeantech PSU which has a 500w maximum load - not sure about whether to upgrade this, it's done me well for the last 4 years but these things get worse with time and I don't want my awesome new components getting burned out by it! I have two 80mm case fans, an old 350gb hard drive, a never used disk tray, and at most I'll use 5 usb ports at once (4 back 1 front).
    [Mobo] Definitely getting a new motherboard! Whatever fits the above please

    Currently thinking of getting: - GPU - CPU - RAM - Mobo

    No ideas about the PSU though.

    So, what do you guys think I should get?

    tl;dr CPU/GPU/RAM/Mobo/PSU for 500

    Thanks everyone!

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    Welcome, and good work so far

    This is what I'd get for the money, comes to 492 Inc Vat + Del.,,

    Swapped the RAM out for 2 sticks, dual-channel gives a slight edge, also the better timings means it'll be a bit quicker.
    Swapped the mobo out as the MSI is a bit cheaper, and I really dislike my D3H - I find the BIOS and software horrid to use
    Fractal R4 (shhh!) 3570k, z77x-d3h, 16gb, R9-270X, 240gb SSD, 2tb mirror w/ 60gb cache drive


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      Thanks! That's pretty much perfect!