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  • HTPC (400 Budget)

    Hi Guys,

    Looking for some build suggestions.

    My parents have asked me to spec them a HTPC.

    I don't need to buy an OS or Ram (2x 2GB 1333MHz Dual Channel currently spare)

    My Step-dad has said that for 400 he would also like a blu-ray drive included.
    My only other requirement is that the Mobo has HDMI output.

    I have been looking at some intel i3 builds but can't seem to find a reasonably priced mobo with HDMI on it

    Cheers in advanced guys as you are always helpful

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    I think an i3 is certainly doable but if not, I suggest you look at a Pentium G820 or something similar, they are more than capable of performing a HTPC task.
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      Agree with TMDD, but would you consider an AMD Llano build? You'd get beefier graphics and more than sufficient CPU power (as I guess you won't do much more than web browsing beyond watching HD films)... Also how much storage would you want/would you want a TV tuner too?
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        what other setup (AV) equipment do they have?

        Just get any sandybridge based laptop with HDMI out and an external 2tb hard drive.

        I use my laptop like that (in sig), just plug it into my AV receiver via HDMI and its all good.

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          Cheers for the advise guys. They have a Sony LCD tv plus surround sound (hence the HDMI requirement)

          I am averse to the laptop option as it defeats the cheapness option and future upgrade capabilities