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  • The New Build Advice FAQ

    Q) I just built my new computer but it wont work. How do I fix it?
    A) In order to diagnose your problem it is necessary to go through a number of steps.

    Firstly, remove the motherboard from the case, make sure that any possibility of a short circuit from the case is removed. Check that any raised metal is not coming into contact with the motherboard.

    It may be necessary to remove all the components from the case so that you can set up the computer outside your case

    If you have access to any other hardware that can be used to check your new components, swap them over. If the problem goes away then it’s likely that you have a faulty component.

    If your computer powers on but doesn’t show a picture, try resetting the bios. Your motherboard manual should show you how to do this. Also try booting with 1 stick of ram, check with minimal components (CPU, Memory, RAM, Video), then check that the 4 or 8 pin power connector is installed.

    If your computer does show a picture but wont go past the initial POST stage then there may be a fault with a peripheral component such as your hard drive or optical drive.

    If your computer doesn’t load an operating system, make sure there is one installed! It’s a very easy thing to overlook.

    If you have a problem that I’ve not listed here don’t hesitate to post a message on the forum.

    Q) Where can I find a guide on how to build my computer?
    A) Try this site

    Anything you want to add to this FAQ? Send me a PM and I will add it!
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