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Non-gaming, fast and quiet pc

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  • Non-gaming, fast and quiet pc

    Hi, I am thinking of building a new pc as my current one is now nearly 7 years old.
    My pc has an I7 4470 (using its own graphics) with a samsung SSD and 16 GB RAM.
    I don't bother with gaming but I use adobe products quite a lot such as indesign and illustrator.
    I also like to do a bit of video editing.
    I would like something that would be faster and as quiet as possible and be good at multitasking.
    My budget is 800

    Any suggestions on how you would specify a decent system would be appreciated
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    To be honest, I think you don't need to upgrade much.

    Maybe a bigger SSD and/or more RAM?
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      Apologies for not replying sooner.

      No worries wonderlust thanks for your suggestion.

      I will keep going with what I have for a while longer.