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  • Buy now or wait two weeks?

    I was going to buy a new Gladiator PC tomorrow: But I am think should I just wait for the 10th gen in two weeks. I know it will be a bit more money, but unless 9th gen comes down alot, I don't know. I'd swap the GPU for a 1060 super and the 2 hds for 2x500gb SSDs. And get a black case, I think the white one is a bit loud looking. Any opinions?
    Intel i5-9600K 6 Core [OC] : Don't Overclock
    GEFORCE RTX 2060 6GB Swap for GTX 1060super
    16GB DDR4 3000MHz
    1TB SATA III Hard Disk and 256GB M.2 NVME SSD Swap For 1TB Samsung 860 EVO - 2.5” SSD / Solid State Drive or 2 500gb samsungs.
    ASUS ROG Z390-A
    500W 80+
    GameMax Solar White Tempered Glass Mid Tower Swap for Black case.
    Windows 10 Home
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