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  • PC needs an upgrade

    Good evening!

    I came to this forum in 2011 asking for build advice for Skyrim - received great advice and a PC that has aged really well.
    At this time though, i had no child or mortgage and wasnt too bothered about the cost

    My PC has started slowing down significantly and failed to boot the other day - although its working fine now.
    I've noticed the CPU temps are the highest its been (+70c) and its taking up over 40% of the CPU running Chrome and 'system interruptions'.
    A few hours in, it calms down to 37c and 7% usage - so i'm going to look at initial boot programs but it still doesnt feel right to me.

    I'm not even used to work PCs being as slow as this PC has become, the mouse literally lags across the screen sometimes and if im listening to music, opening a new tab can make the song stutter.

    It's lasted 8 years, so i cant complain too much.

    The current build is:

    2 x 8GB Corsair Vengeance - DDR3
    MSI - MS-7681
    Intel core i7 2600k
    NZXT Phantom case

    I cant remember what the power supply is off the top of my head and whilst i did have a Scythe Mugen fan, i went back to the original Intel fan - so if i need to consider upgrades here too i'm willing to.

    I have 2 x SSDs and 3 x HDDs in the case as well (not looking to change these)

    I think at the least, i need a new CPU and probably GPU but after having a look i think the new CPUs all require a new Mobo, mine has the LGA1155 socket - so not the quick win I was after (unless I've read something wrong)
    In the likelihood I need a new Mobo, I dont mind switching from an Intel to AMD - which ever suits me best really.

    What I'm after - really just something i enjoy using again and that i dont think is struggling with my requirements.

    Games I enjoy playing:

    Skyrim / Fallout 4 / Witcher 3 etc - I love being able to play big worlds with lots of detail, mods and HD Re-textures but i want something that will be able to play the next Elder Scrolls game when it drops comfortably. I want something that can age as well as this PC has done.

    Other uses - I work in learning an development and use - Adobe After Effects, Photoshop, Sony Vegas Pro etc. to create and render videos and content.

    The most recent upgrade is the RAM - I wouldn't mind adding more RAM but like i said, i think the CPU/GPU need more focus.

    Budget wise - Id like it as affordable as possible and I'm hoping i don't need a full re-build.
    That said, most of the hardware is 8 years old and my main focus is having something i enjoy using again and that i cant feel struggling when in use.

    I don't have a definite figure to work for but somewhere between 350 - 750 would make sense to me.
    I can go higher if needed but would prefer it to sit under the 750 mark.

    Thanks in advance,

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    As you are on a budget, depending on your PSU, I would leave everything as it is assuming the Board hasn't developed a fault with the non booting and grab a 2nd hand GTX960/70/80 These will all be a massive boost over the GTX570 and will cost you well under 150.

    If you think the board is at fault maybe, look out for a 1150 motherboard and a 4th gen chip 2nd hand.

    With the correct chioce of board will provide NVME SSD support adn natiive USB3 support in the chipset plus PCIE v3 to release the full performance of a GTX9xx card, although this is really a tiny performance difference.
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