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Recommendations for a NUC or other small PC

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  • Recommendations for a NUC or other small PC

    Hi all,

    I'm looking for some recommendations for a new SFF pc that will replace my current machine which is way overkill for what I need it for these days.
    My current machine will be repurposed as a new Unraid server and I'd like something small with dual HDMI so I can still use my two 1080p monitors and stream YT etc at a decent quality.

    Budget is reasonably pliant, about 300 for the machine - excluding OS and storage as I have a few new 2.5" SSDs that I want to use for this.
    RAM is neither here nor there - If it's included, bonus - but I don't mind buying more.

    I'll be running Windows VMs in Unraid but support for virtualisation would be a nice little bonus for running VirtualBox or Windows Sandbox if that ever makes it out of Insider Preview.

    I'm not fussy about brand/make/model etc as long as it:
    - Can handle 16Gb RAM
    - Has dual HDMI out
    - Can run the full whack of Office 2019, Visual Studio and SSMS

    So yeah, any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    I've had a decent experience with the Intel NUCs in the past. I've also had terrible experiences with the Asus EEE Pcs which were Atom based, so I'd definitely stay away from those.

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