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I want a new Gaming rig. What should I be looking for nowadays?

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  • I want a new Gaming rig. What should I be looking for nowadays?

    Hi all - Not been on here in a while.. =p I got my last custom built PC from Aria about 6 years ago and had minimal problems/fuss. I have recently got back in love with PC Gaming and need an upgrade. So a couple of questions:

    1. Does Aria still build the PC for me and is the quality still legit? (50 fee last time I believe)
    2. Does still stock the majority of the better pc components?
    3. Can I get a full build advice on a wishlist or something similar - Budget is 1500-2000 or so!

    Lastly if it helps with selections, I prefer the best but understand budget will compromise that, I believe I want a 1080 and to stick with Intel CPU over AMD just due to loyalty and never having issues in the past bla bla!

    The rest I am open to ideas. I am looking to buy soon and understand I am asking a lot with not much input myself but I am utterly clueless for the most part ;D.

    Thanks all!

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    Hey - do you need a monitor/OS included too? They do still build and you've given us a good steer but just keen to understand if there's any "extras" you'll need!
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      Hi Nick, no monitor required. I will need an OS though!

      No other extras like Mouse/Keyboard are required either.

      Thanks again
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        Probably first recommendation if you don't need the PC this instant would be to wait for the 8th generation Intel processors which are due any time now. Supposedly they are upping the core/thread count so now an i7 will net you 6 cores 12 threads instead of the 4/8 of today. Hopefully that won't come at an inflated price.
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          Check out GladiatorPC (aria's gaming PC website). Build and delivery costs included, and there's a few PCs that fit nicely in your budget. Plus you can upgrade them to suit

          Maybe something like the Apocalypse build:

          Upgrade it to an i7 7700k, Gigabyte Z270 motherboard, 16GB ddr4 3000Mhz RAM, and the Asus GTX 1080. Should come up to about 1600, so you've got enough left over to go crazy on SSD space and cooling
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