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Need a cheap but fast way to share my internet

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  • Need a cheap but fast way to share my internet

    So I have 300mb with virgin and love it however my house walls are thick and getting wifi upstairs while works leads to disappointing speeds. I currently have a powerline connection from my router to another old router upstairs i'm using as a wifi switch which has done the job but as times moved on and internet has become more demanding the 37mb I get through powerlines just isn't gonna cut it no more. I signed up for Sonys great deal of 1 year PS NOW for 60 for my son who is autistic so gets bored of games easily. It's perfect as he has 500+ games and gets new games every month. However while the connection works great for this downstairs and it's playable upstairs it has its flaws and once others connect to that wifi it starts to hurt his game streaming. I really don't fancy massive long cables up the stairs and have tried to chain wifi switches to no such luck. Does anybody know of another way I can get internet fast to his room or even to the switch in his room which is not only upstairs but at the other side of the house.
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    Might be cheaper get electrician in, to wire up couple ethernet plates with the wires hidden in the walls, giving you direct link from downstairs to upstairs.

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      How about faster Powerline? They now come at 1000 Mbps over the mains. What plugs do you have?

      Or a Powerline plug in his room?

      Then there is the modem/router. Most ISP boxes are less than perfect.

      You need to review the whole network, not just single bits. For example, does the old router upstairs have GB LAN ports or is it stuck on 100 Mbps? If so, you are throwing away a lot of the 300 Mbps that Virgin delivers.

      And what is the specification of the devices your son uses? Faster wifi or Powerline will do little if his kit is the bottleneck.

      Your old Powerline plugs may also have Mbps LAN ports, again slower than your internet connection. New plugs have GB LAN ports. Y9u can also get them with a wifi access point at the remote end.

      Internet speeds have now overtaken a lot of the network hardware that we have lying around.

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        If your home wiring is less than perfect then Homeplugs are not going to be the answer as you'll lose speed. However, as MK says, 1000mb homeplugs do exist and are less affected by bad home wiring. Or at least, have further to drop in speed before you notice, if that makes sense?

        If the device is usable downstairs, either when wired in directly to the router, or connected via wifi, it would suggest the device isn't at fault, so your next option would be to get a proper ethernet port put in the room where the device is.

        To be honest though, it sounds more like a latency/connection stability issue than a speed issue, which is only really going to be fixed by a direct connection to the router. I mean, if you're getting 37mb to the device through homeplugs, then that should be ample! There's no way that the PS+ service would be geared to only work on a connection that a minority of the country have!

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          Might be a bit of work, but run an external cable? I had trouble getting internet out to garage, Wifi was too flakey. ran an ethernet cable outside to a Ubiquiti point to point access point. Did the same on the garage and run it to a switch. After 10 min setup, its rock solid. Didnt even allign them 100%. If fesable, could be done for 100 or less, or just the cable. External ethernet is not expensive, a masonary drill bit, some cable clips, face plates and sealant.


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            Shouldn't cost more than a hundred for an electrician to put in an Ethernet cable. As mentioned above the easiest cable run may be to run it outside. Else if you fancy doing it yourself, you can get a complete kit with 50m of external cable, faceplates, cable clips, etc for less that 40.

            If you need wireless in the second location then you can get BT Hub re-flashed with OpenWRT for less than 25 off fleabay.