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Update Z170 PRO GAMING Bios

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  • Update Z170 PRO GAMING Bios

    Evening all. Im thinking of flashing my bios. Not done this in a long time. Not sure what's safe to do on this thing.

    Basically. I've been having a little trouble with my PC. Sometimes, rarely mind. It freezes, no error. Sometimes it will freeze for a moment, then free up, freeze again a little longer, then free up. Until its frozen completely. No mouse movement. Nothing. I have to hold down the power button to shut it down.

    Because it happens so rarely I didn't think anything of it.

    But tonight its done it twice. I noticed that my mobo bios is 1206, and the latest is 3202. So mine is.... way old. I looked on the support site and I found this page

    Its not specific to my mobo. All im wondering is. Am I safe to upgrade it from 1206 straight to 3202?

    What does it mean when it says "remember to update BIOS two times to 30xx"

    Any help is much appreciated!
    Cheers all!!

    EDIT: Flashed it anyway. Seems to be working fine....
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    You can start the BIOS flash using the UEFI interface. I usually download to a USB drive and flash from that.

    Thanks for the reminder. Time to check an update for the Z170-K.
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