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(A7) Me FW Downgrade - Request Me SPilock failed

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  • (A7) Me FW Downgrade - Request Me SPilock failed


    Before Christmas I bought some new kit, the build went fine though during bootup I get an error message "(A7) Me FW Downgrade - Request Me SPilock failed".
    I havent been too worried about it as it just seemed to add time to the actual bootup.

    Now I thought I should try to resolve it.

    First I went ahead and updated the BIOS from v1701 to v2202. That actually made the issue worse as now the system would reboot at the error (error still appeared).
    I switched off the fastboot and that resolved the booting problem so it now boots into Windows but the error is still there.

    Asus ROG Z170 Maximus VIII Hero Motherboard
    BIOS 2202
    16gb RAM (G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series DDR4 3000MHz 16GB(8GBx2))
    Samsung 950 Pro M.2 PCI-e 3.0 – 512gb

    Have anyone got any idea of how to overcome this error?

    Reading online it seems to have something to do with secure boot but I haven’t been able to find any answer…

    Any help would be greatly appreciated

    Many thanks

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    Just had a look in bios settings and on the main page it says "ME FW Version". I am assuming this is the issue? Does anyone know how to upgrade this and where I find the latest ME FW drivers for Asus ROG Z170 Maximus VIII?


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      Me firmware is corrupt/missing, you will need to reflash the me region.

      Very easy and have done it lots of times.

      Look here for info:

      BUT First make sure you're on the latest bios which for your board is now 3101.

      After you have flashed the latest bios check the me version in bios, if still all zero's do the following:

      Download this firmware:

      And these tools:

      Quick guide (specifically for you):

      1) Extract the tools to a folder on your desktop, open the folder and navigate to FWUpdate\WIN64

      2) Extract the firmware file ( and put it into the directory above.

      3) Open an administrative command promp in that folder (if on windows 10, click file, click the arrow next to 'open command promp' then click 'open command promp as administrator')

      4) Type the following exactly as it is here:

      FWUpdLcl64 -f

      Press enter, follow all instructions on screen and let it complete.

      When it says its done, shutdown/reboot pc.

      5) check me version in bios again (should now show

      (if you are not comfortable with doing this, don't do it (I Accept no responsibility for anything going wrong) instead make an account over at and ask some questions in the ME thread instead)
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        Just been thinking about this, it may not work. your me firmware is non existent, because of that it probably means you have no mei driver installed which means the tools I linked to wont work as they need the driver. (You can't install the driver without the firmware)

        Pease try to update your BIOS first to the latest version. It actually contains a new updated me firmware that should flash when updating.

        Use the BIOS flashback method to update.

        To use USB BIOS Flashback:

        1.Download the latest BIOS file from the ASUS website.

        2.Extract and rename the BIOS image file to M8H.CAP.

        3.Copy M8H.CAP to the root directory of your USB storage device.

        4.Turn off the system and connect the USB storage device to the USB BIOS Flashback port.

        5. Press and hold the USB BIOS Flashback button untill it starts flashing. (Button on the back of the motherboard near USB ports)

        6. When it stops flashing, BIOS updating is complete.

        If this doesn't restore your me, then you will probably have to use a tool called fpt to flash your me region from DOS. (Whole new guide)

        But to be honest, just make an account on

        Post in this subforum:

        The guys there will help you out more than I can
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          Originally posted by Alfizzle View Post
          Me firmware is corrupt/missing, you will need to reflash the me region.

          Very easy and have done it lots of times.

          Look here ...
          You were absolutely right and that resolved the issue! So even though it wasnt there reflashing it resolved it!
          Huge thank you for the clear and easy instructions, i couldnt have done it without it!


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            No problem, glad to have been of some assistance