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  • Wont post to bios?

    Hello ,

    My HTPC has decide to stop working, i have stripped everything out cleared C-MOS and removed battery whilst power unplugged, its been decades since i had this kinda problem, but am i correct in thinking that the motherboard would still posted to bios if everything but the cpu and fan and memory was removed? my head is telling me the board is dead, but want to be sure i have eliminated everything that could stop it from posting before i get a replacement board, cheers

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    is there a speaker connected? if so any beeps?
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      Originally posted by wonderlust View Post
      is there a speaker connected? if so any beeps?
      no, im in the process of searching for it, got one here somewhere

      Found it, but no beeps, of that not working either lol, think il just get a new board.
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        Rip apart and rebuild.

        Swap in known working components for current ones (Ram/Psu/Gpu)

        Check existing components on another system. (Ram/Psu/Gpu)


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          No beeps usually mean boards toast.

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            RMA request now in, i have a spare LGA1151 going so an excuse to get a 6700k in mine, and put the i3 in the HTPC, im as certain as i can be that its dead, thanks

            I will test the speaker just in the other board just in case that not working


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              Try starting it with the motherboard outside of the case on a table or something - make sure something hasn't moved in the case and caused it to short out.

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