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Additional SLI connector / design error / how ? GA-X99P-SLI

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  • Additional SLI connector / design error / how ? GA-X99P-SLI

    Have a look at the Molex connector on the very bottom edge of the board, silver stripe across it, sits directly below the bottom PCI express slot.

    Its called the ATX4P

    The manual states "When two or more graphics cards are installed, we recommend that you connect the SATA power cable from thepower supply to the ATX4P connector to ensure system stability."

    the port is in fact a molex, so that's the first oddity.

    Now as majority of customers build into midi cases how is a molex supposed to fit into this whilst the power supply literally sits mm from the bottom of the board? There's no accessory right angle cables included with the board, to feed a molex on a cable similar to a fan converter, and if there was it would sit rather messily over the PSU fan.

    Pure Friday Afternoon design error, or something i'm missing? If it were to face up like the surrounding ports and pins all would make sense.

    *thankfully SLI is a rarity

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    If it was the same orientation as the other connectors it would interfere with a card in that bottom slot. Makes perfect sense to me.

    Also a much better placement than on my board which is above the highest PCI-E slot. How can you ran a cable to that without it looking like a mess!
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      Seems daft, sata would have been better.

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        It is put down there because it is close to the ports and the fact that the board is pretty full up all around. It would have been better for it to be sticking straight out, though. I know that other higher-end boards have an extra 6-pin (like my SOC Champion) above the primary slot. It really, really is not needed unless you're pushing extreme clocks with LN2 or are just a savage with voltage on air/water. It's just to reduce the load from the 24 pin and to suck it from somewhere else, nothing more.

        If you're running dual or even triple cards, it won't be an issue. It's more of a 'let us fill this space' idea more than anything else. I run my dual 290X's without the additional power without an issue. No further OC headroom is given by plugging it in either.
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