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Asrock z170 Fatality K6 problem- help needed

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  • Asrock z170 Fatality K6 problem- help needed

    Good evening all,

    I have been putting together a new system and have come across an infuriating issue. I can not get the system to post with any ram in slots A1 or A2,
    The system will boot with a single stick in either B1 or B2 or indeed Both b sockets though obviously not in dual channel mode. with any stick in slots a1 or a2 i get an error 55 (ram not detected) Ive tried reinstalling repeatedly, rebuilt the rig from scratch and checked the cpu socket for bent pins.

    I'm thinking there is a problem with the board but thought i would check here before contacting the retailer.

    The motherboard is an Asrock z170 Fatility K6 Link to manufacturer site
    Intel 6700k
    Ram is G skill ddr 2400 link to aria
    evga 750w supernova g2
    samsung 850 250gb ssd
    gb 7950 windforce

    Many thanks for any help


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    Mr Google says the board has ram compatability issues. latest bios fixed some but not all..


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      yeah thats next on the list to try, might get the macro lens out and shoot the socket just to be sure, can't see anyhting with the naked eye. The ram i have is on the approved list so grrr


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        quick update, Board went back and tested as faulty so ive not got a new one in