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Cheapest OC'able SKT AM3+ motherboard

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  • Cheapest OC'able SKT AM3+ motherboard

    Hi all,

    I am looking to OC my Phenom II X4 830 (95W TDP) from stock of 2.8GHz to at least 3.5GHz.

    I'm aware of the 970 lineup on offer, but I was put off a bit by the price of things.

    Gigabyte has their 970A UD3
    ASrock has their 970 Extreme3 (or Extreme4)
    Asus has their M5A97 (or Pro ver.)
    MSI has their failure prone fail of a board

    I thought about getting the higher end 8+2 VRM board (UD3) but I realised that although future proofing is a good idea (when I get a hex-core and OC it) I won't be upgrading the CPU for another good 2-3 years. It would be a waste to have premium features which I would not use for all that time. Further, the 4+2 VRM on the Extreme3 should be more than enough to give a healthy overclock on air cooling.

    I know it's impossible to get everything you want...but jeez...I feel cheated out. I may just order from Amazon...
    I'd hate to go through their RMA process though...

    Anyway. Please advise on the board!
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