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Asrock z68 Extreme3 - Few questions

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  • Asrock z68 Extreme3 - Few questions


    I rebuilt my pc the other day using the asrock z68 extreme3 and a 2500k but have a few questions.....

    Firstly, it's an amazing looking board BUT the uefi bios seems to have a few issues (I'm using version 1.2). I've been reading some overclocking guides and have worked out which settings need to be where but half the settings mentioned (even in asrock p67/z68 guides) aren't there.....

    I currently have vcore set manually at 1.2v, pll at 1.7, the core current limit is set at 250 (but there's no sign of Turbo Boost Power - Manual, Short Duration Power Limit - 250, Long Duration Power Limit - 250) and the multi is set at 41 (for now). It seems linx stable so far but despite llc being set at 2 it's downclocking to 3.9 under load and vcore drops to about 1.12.....I've also disabled speedstep in the bios yet it still boots and idles at 1.6ghz......temps remain fine with the max i've seen being 53 on one core

    Should I roll back to an earlier bios maybe? Or have I missed something? I miss the old style blue bios, they did what they were told :-(

    (the bold bits are a straight copy/paste and won't unbold, sorry)

    Oh, I don't seem to be able to stream media without asrocks xfast lan utility installed, I'm not happy about it either (media's visible to network but won't play), anyone else had the same issue?
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    Originally posted by {SAS}TB
    Also gives me the chance to probe around the wife's rear end

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    I think we'll call this a success

    Oddly, I can't boot these settings when set fully manually, but if I use asrock's optimal oc option then change voltages etc it works.....

    Ah well, will stress test properly soon but feel the need for a quick blast on bf3, I suppose that's a torture test on its own
    Originally posted by {SAS}TB
    Also gives me the chance to probe around the wife's rear end


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      yeah its wierd that - same with my X4 G3 - If I use the OC profiles - I can get it easy stable at 4.8 (I just need to change offset volts to +0.035 which gives me about 1.35v) - try and do it manually its a nightmare to get stable!

      Just use the OC profiles and set the vcore offset manually for best effect I found (otherwise temps can rise due to too much volts the standard OC profiles use)

      I heard sandybridge was easy to overclock but bloomin eck - These ASRock boards make it unbelievably easy!
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        If you're testing with IBT then use the AVX version, The standard version doesn't stress the chip correctly.

        For example on the AVX version I'm pulling 105Gflops at 4.2Ghz.

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          only had time for a couple of runs, will give it a proper go tomorrow but it did heat the chip faster in the first test then seemed to level off. I'm thinking I need better cooling than my hyper 212+ though :-(

          This is 4.6@1.2v.....

          Originally posted by {SAS}TB
          Also gives me the chance to probe around the wife's rear end