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    ahhh dont blame you for waiting for the next graphics cards, im doing the same.

    nah its not a h100 it was a H50 that i've modified and fitted a dual radiator on it
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      Originally posted by BurningFeetMan View Post
      I've just ordered the Extreme4 Gen3 so basically i'm after some comforting words that it is a great board

      Is it as good as it looks? It's the most I've ever spent on a motherboard so i'm hoping I haven't messed up. Every review seems to say it's very good, however one review slated it for having a very thin PCB. Don't suppose that matters once installed though
      Guaranteed you'll love the ASRock Z68 Extreme 4 Gen 3 mate - Only reviewer who slagged it off was on HardOCP (I think) who was basically biased against ASRock as they didn't give him one for free lol. He even continued on like a numpty and reviewed a confirmed faulty board and then cried like a baby afterwards that it didn't work.

      My advice is stick with your 5850 and pickup another one for about 80 second hand - crossfire and you'll have the same performance as a 580

      not only do these boards look gorgeous but for overclocking they are amazingly easy (unless your after more than 4.8ghz+!!!) - just select a standard OC profile and away you go
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        Nice one Zoomee

        Think that review is the one I have read too, like you say, he had a faulty board anyway.

        Everywhere else seems to have great reviews on it. Can't wait till xmas to get it built
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        & Loving it