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Gigabyte Z68 mini-ITX motherboard

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  • Gigabyte Z68 mini-ITX motherboard

    Some people will be absolutely delighted with this news! Gigabyte are no longer planning to manufacture a P67 mini-ITX board, instead choosing to implement the Z68. Not much info yet, but ITX Gamer got the confirmation direct from Gigabyte:

    we thought it best to ask Gigabyte if they stil had plans for a P67-based mini-ITX motherboard. Their response was brief,

    “No, we no longer have plans. Instead, we will release a Z68 based model.”

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    makes lots of sense.
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      Zotac Z68ITX-A-E and Z68ITX-B-E have been leaked in Japan. Google for info.

      Expensive tho... really!!
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        Z68 seems to have fixed a lot of the issues that the older revisions had so its a good move, but a helluva lot of performance in such a tiny space!