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New Asus 590 SLI intel edition

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  • New Asus 590 SLI intel edition

    Here is the new 590 SLI chipset for conreo. Looks like a quality peice of kit and as soon as it is released over here I will be getting one.

    I have only seen for sale at one place 187 but I would buy off them

    Here is a link

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    [Removed at the request of the author]


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      I think Intel have done a brilliant job with those Conroe processors, and if I had enough money lying around and nothing to do with it, I'd consider getting a Conroe setup myself. but I haven't so I'll stick with my X2 setup. I'm still getting stupidly good speeds that are also good value for money, so I can't complain.

      I'll see how things shape up next year when Vista, DX10, and the new generation of CPU's are out.
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        I am sure there will be reviews before it hits the shops. Conreo, does it really matter how I spell it, as long as everybody knows what I mean Its caused by my typing fingers getting mixed up.


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          agreed with PP im afraid on this one been bugging me but im too polite to stick ma neck out

          You must remember the OS and DX10 will have to be geared up around a certain type of processor- and well... Intel do have the majority share of hte market? so i wonder if they will 'gear it up' for intel or if they will try and generalise it.

          Hyper Threading is brilliant in my book rather than the \"hyper transport\" of AMD... whats the good of moving it fast if you cant computer it ??

          nvidia have put alot of work into this 590 SLI MCP so expect alot from it for the money

          All my mobos that were asus have been about 130/150 when i bought them ??? =\\ so this doesnt suprise me ?

          checkout nvidias site for the 590's details - but has lots of nice features - especially for networking / lan gaming like the dual Network cable that can \"redivert\" traffic if damage is done to one cable ... for instance

          *edit* looking at the pic those (Capacitors???) look awfully close to the cpu socket for my liking.... layout has left a little to be desired - id prefer it if it didnt have the wifi on the mobo itself also just something else to go wrong...


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              [Removed at the request of the author]


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                I am not sure about asus mobo's though after my latest experience of ordering 2 and getting 2 faulty mobo's.

                Intels 965 board only has 1x16 pci ex while 975X has problems with raid and it only has 3 sata connections.

                The 590 SLI has 6 sata connection and 2X16 pci express lanes.

                Intel needs to bring out a chipset that has more flexibilty than at present.

                I might actually get a cheap 965 board for now until the better boards hit the shops at reasonable prices. I can't have my conroe processor sitting there doing nothing. Sorry I meant conreo


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                  I absoluetly adore my current Asus board! It could have a better layout, but the PCB is black!!!
                  Gaming Rig: C2D E8400 @ 3.85GHz : Biostar TPower I45 : 4GB of something, I forget what : 4870 512MB DDR5 : X-Fi
                  Media Rig: C2D E2160@ 1.86GHz : 2GB PC5300 : Palit 8800GTS 320MB : SB Audigy 2


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                    I have always bought asus boards and considered them the best, but to get 2 faulty boards at the same time. It puts a question mark over asus's quality control. I have read many of a comment on the web that their products are going down hill.

                    And their support is one of the worst I have come across. You have to use a web page to report a problem which results server busy try later or phone germany. I hear complaints from people who say its impossible to download a new bios because the asus server is always busy.

                    Asus have a good reputation but good reputations are easily lost if the company isn't on the ball.


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                      Yes asus do have a good reputation - However theres 2 major reasons why their quality may have gone down...

                      1) the new \"recycled\" PCBs is new technology to them as it is to us - they may not be as durable / reliable yet as the old PCB materials.

                      2) Some guy in Ping Pong transporting them might not be captain careful - companies will know you often get \"Bad Batches\" where Mr. Grumpys underpaid friday night job is shifting boxes. If its damaged leaving there it doesnt matter how careful the rest of the world is does it ?

                      Asus servers are always fine for me ? 30k download - not the fastest in the world but they are very busy - what more do you want?? just store the stuff you use regularly

                      And their support is one of the worst I have come across.

                      Used Gigabytes and Asus' support - asus was about a day quicker than Gigabytes - and was \"better english\" and more understandable. never really had much trouble with their support.....

                      And if you look in the back of the mobo manuals i thought it had a list of phone nums??? or am i thinking of someone else

                      *edit* if slow downloads are getting you down why dont you go buy GoZilla or something 8-) i mean.... they can have multiple sources on their i believe ? if not just connect to the same server 30 times but then your ruining everyone else's experience - so just take what you given and accept it