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Soundcard problems

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  • Soundcard problems

    Dusted off the Asus Rampage extreme x48 today and built up a little system for my brother.

    I cant seem to get the Creative xfi card which came with the motherboard to register in device manager. The system just keep setting primary sound device as hdmi on the video card.

    So far ive tried changing some bios settings even resetting to factory defaults, installing the driver which install fine but then when i try and launch the application control settings tells me hardware not detected, i also tried changing it from the pcie x1 audio slot into one of the lower pcie slots.

    The card i assume is working as its never been used and the card glows blue when the system is powered on.

    Any suggestions or advice please guys?

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    Fixed it now after an hour of searching. Had to install Soundmax drivers alongside the creative ones.


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      Glad we could help ^_^


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        Originally posted by carebare47 View Post
        Glad we could help ^_^
        hehe, i would have probably been offered the solutin here if i didnt sort it so quickly.
        Bit of a strange one though to have to install 2 sets of sound drivers.


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          the creative is just the configuration software and soundmax is the actual driver.

          Have to do the same on x58 rampage extreme II

          we are one.


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            Strange one for sure, i've had no end of trouble with software/driver sets from creative, best source i knew of for them has now been shut down (because they used to host all the unprotected versions that allowed full software with OEM cards) ..... those were the ONLY ones i have ever installed that didnt go wibble at some point, i've got 2 retail cards here, for which at random points the software refuses to work saying "no compatible sound card found" .. whilst giving the annoying error sound through the speakers connected to the card !

            I would have suggested that if the BIOS was switching then u needed to dust off the connector some more and re-seat the card ... but, as it turned out to be a driver issue no need, can't say i'm surprised though

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              WHen i trawled through google i found a few forums where different people had the same issue. Its not even specified in the motherboard manual that you must install the soundmax drivers firstly and then the creative drivers.