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*** Win a top of the Range P67 Motherboard ***

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  • *** Win a top of the Range P67 Motherboard ***

    MSI is looking for talented designers to give a unique look & feel to the UEFI BIOS.

    UEFI based ClickBIOS is the next generation BIOS. No more boring legacy BIOS text screens, but a Graphical User Interface with mouse support and the flexibility to add applications. MSI already showed what UEFI is capable of with the premiere of the P35 EFINITY in 2008. Later MSI introduced three P45 models with UEFI based ClickBIOS. ClickBIOS is necessary for the future, not only when it comes to the enhanced boot times, multi-language support, but also future proof features like large 3 Terabyte hard drive support.

    Do you have what it takes to design an interface that matches the next-gen technology?
    Show us what would make a great Click BIOS interface and win prices! Submit your creative design and see if your submission will be the favorite of participants, visitors and MSI users.
    There are FIVE prizes to be won
    First Prize is an, as yet unnamed, "High End P67 Motherboard"
    Second Prize is a N470 GTX Twin Frozr II graphics card
    Third Prize is a N460 GTX Hawk
    Fourth Prize is a MSI P55A Fuzion Motherboard
    Fifth Prize is a MSI 870A Fuzion Motherboard
    Show off your skills, maybe win a prize and have the bragging rights of designing a BIOS seen by MILLIONS!!!
    For Full Details and Entry, visit :

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    UEFI! one of requirements for my next motherboard.

    Apple has been doing it for years, come on other manufacturers.
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      I can see there being a lot of resistance but anyone who has tried it will confirm that you dont have to use a mouse if you dont want to and on the surface they work in very much the same way as a legacy BIOS.


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        Is it actually faster to initialise hardware than BIOSes? Or can't you make a direct comparison/have no "certain new unnamed Intel chipset" prototype motherboards been made with BIOSes to provide a comparison?

        Also, cool comp - might have a go over the weekend!
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          UEFI is a lot more than the interface. BIOS has been around for too long. without changing to UEFI, there's no way to boot from 3TB drives.
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            A great opportunity for someone here.

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              Can I submit my ideas from MS Paint?
              Cheers for the heads up
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